Dr. Susanna Harris Speaking Information

Lecturing, leading workshops, and facilitating discussions for communities around the world

Through enthusiasm, experience, and an empathetic approach to engagement, Susanna will help make your next event a success.


What can Susanna do?

Keynote addresses and seminars! Generally 45-60 minutes long, these talks resemble lecture-style presentations but with plenty of opportunities for audience engagement.

Workshops! Susanna facilitates hands-on workshops for small and large groups alike. WIth a focus on inquiry-based learning, these workshops are designed to get everyone thinking and learning.

Speaker and facilitator training! Susanna is formally trained in communication to all ages and can help make your speaking event as awesome (and stress-free) as possible!

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Susanna’s Bios

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Short Bio:

Susanna L Harris, PhD, believes in building communities through communication. As a recent graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Susanna works in science marketing and engagement. Susanna founded PhD Balance to break the stigma around mental illness in higher education and create spaces where grad students can have open conversations around their most difficult challenges. She hosts and presents public speaking events about mental health, academic support, and science communication.
Susanna can be found on Instagram and Twitter at @SusannaLHarris while PhD Balance can be found at @PhD_Balance and at http://www.PhDBalance.com

Full Bio:

Susanna L Harris, PhD, believes that clear and transparent communication builds communities. Susanna loves creating spaces for people to understand each other and share their passions, whether that be about science and technology or mental health and wellness. While earning her PhD in microbiology and immunology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Susanna founded PhD Balance to empower graduate students to thrive in academia.
Susanna translate cutting-edge research into accessible and engaging materials for professional and public audiences. Through real-world experience and professional training in written, oral, and digital communication, Susanna confidently speaks to rooms of 5-to-500. Susanna approaches scientific outreach, whether to investors or kindergartners, through the lens of inquiry-based learning; through charisma and compassion, she can persuade others to reevaluate their beliefs and opinions towards new technologies and divisive world challenges.

Susanna can be found on Instagram and Twitter at @SusannaLHarris while PhD Balance can be found at @PhD_Balance and at http://www.PhDBalance.com. You can contact Susanna through her personal website, http://www.SusannaLHarris.com

Ready to get started?

You can find Susanna’s current fees, or request a quote for your specific project through filling out the basic intake form!

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