Mental Health Advocacy

My Story

I share my story in the hopes that others can share theirs. I wish I’d been able to read the stories shared on PhD Balance when I was struggling the most. Graduate school is hard, but mental illness still makes it harder.

Content Warning: Please be advised: the video below contains details about depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideations that may be upsetting to some. Please do not watch if you aren’t in a place to do so.

Susanna Harris wearing a striped white shirt with her hand saying "Stronger Together" in pen ink

What Does Advocacy Mean To Me?

Every story is unique. By providing space for people to speak and to listen, we can build an atmosphere of community instead of competition. I trust that others want to share and to learn – advocacy means taking responsibility of opening the door to open and supportive conversation. I do this through sharing my own story and running workshops that enable others to share their own. I fight for those who can’t yet share and for those who might not yet know that they even have a story.

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Susanna Harris is next to a presentation screen that says "What is progress??"