Susanna L Harris

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Direction Versus Distraction

Direction Versus Distraction Reflecting on Behaviors and Goals When passion and work overlap, it’s hard to figure out when a “direction” becomes a “distraction.” It’s okay to step back, re-evaluate, reset, and keep going. . . . Founding PhD Balance* In 2018 Wasn’t About Building A Name. It was to connect people who had common struggles …

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Always Experimenting

Always Experimenting Am I still using my PhD? Launching into a brand new career in business after a decade focused on academic learning continues to throw me off. Did I really need to get a PhD in microbiology and immunology to take a part time job in marketing? Couldn’t I have just done four years in undergrad …

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Asking For Stories

Asking For Stories A different view on networking I see networking differently than most people… I actually think it’s great. For me, networking is about finding people with whom I can get excited about things. If I’m interested in a certain topic, I want to talk to someone who knows a lot about that topic …

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Don’t Fear the Wobble

Don’t Fear the Wobble Uncertain first steps down a new path Everyone tells you that scientific research prepares you for a wide range of careers (no just in mixing chemicals on a bench). I knew that my “soft skills” in speaking and writing would transfer into most occupations. Similarly, I’d been taught that the collaborations …

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